One of our customers went out of their way to make contact with us to praise her regular driver, Devonteh. A huge Thank you from everyone at Butterfly Enterprise and Yodel for this recognition.

Hi there,

I get a Gousto delivery every Monday and the young man who delivers it is always very smiley and pleasant and delivers it with care. I know it’s a small thing but it really makes a difference.

I am 8 months pregnant and today he picked up the parcel from the doorstep and handed it to me instead of me having to bend down. Again such a small thing but it makes so much difference when delivery drivers do something like this and they very rarely do so I’m very grateful to him (saves my back some pain!)! I’m not sure what his name is but my address is *************************** and the delivery was made about 15:30 on 6th June.

If you can work out who he is from that information, please could you pass on this feedback to his manager and recognition for his customer service.

Thank you